Pocket Cast updated for Oreo

So, if like me and you like to listen to the odd podcast (My Dad wrote a porno is favourite), then you would have a particular podcast app. My app of choice is Pocket Casts, yes it is chargeable, but you get a great experience for it. And as of today, they have now updated for Oreo. Changelog is as follows;

Oreo all the things!
– Adaptive icons? We got one!
– Picture in Picture? You betcha!
– Notification Channels. Ok boss.
Don’t have Oreo? We still gotz stuff for you:
– Battery/Background improvements. Check.
– Show notes update when the author does. Yup.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements. Always.
– Faster image loading. Yessiree.
– Detailed release notes. Take that Facebook et al.
– Less jokes in update notes? Yup, it’s late here ok. Deal with it.
– Best customers in the world. Word.
Look at that changelog, isn’t wonderful. All the great Oreo features in one update, adaptive icons, notification channels, and lo-behold, picture in picture??? Absolutely amazing if you ask me. Download link is below and let me know in the comments your thoughts.
Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts
Developer: Shifty Jelly
Price: £2.99