Pixel 2 XL arriving without Android OS – WTF???

There are reports circulating that the new Google Pixel 2 XL has been shipping to customers without the Android OS installed. If you’ve been keeping up with the Pixel 2, you’ll have seen a load of problems arisen with these handsets. From the disappointing display (yet to see a device yet so not my opinion), to the noise coming from the handset that has been caused by NFC. Google’s quality control seems to be very minimal at the moment.

Pixel 2 Missing OS

Pixel 2 XL missing OS

From someone who is an avid Google fan, this has really annoyed me. I feel like they should be doing a lot more if they are wanting to be taken seriously as a hardware company and not just a software company. I’ll still be picking up a Google Home Mini in the near future, and whether I decide to upgrade my Pixel to a Pixel 2 XL remains to be seen. If I do, you’ll hear about it.

Source: The VergeImgur